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Education Services

Education Services

In this fast-moving world Literature and especially books have taken a seat back.


Foster Reads with a mission of re-introducing Literature to the youth through books, authors connect and also to inculcate the habit of reading, and writing with the onset of technology. 

With retention span reducing day by day the books and beyond services offered will let the students paint the world through their imaginations at the forefront.


We provide books, conversations with Authors, and overall literature right at your doorstep and at your fingertips.


Books not only impart knowledge but also allows living all the many lives in one.


Through books, we get to learn not only their success stories but most importantly what not to do and that’s the biggest power once it is also told through their journeys it shall be more relevant.


We intend to give a bouquet of services that will make reading, books, and author connect look cool to today's GEN Zs and millennials.

Institution Branded Mobile App

  • This will be a customized app for your particular school/ college which will be directed toward your students basis on the mutually decided content

  • No data will be utilized, User ID & password will be provided to the college basis on which they can further get the individual students connected

E-commerce Platform

Order books in case of any further requirements

  • Authors, Books, and beyond

Author Talks & Book Clubs

  • One Author every fortnight : Online

  • One Author Physical session : every month as per availability

  • To inculcate the habit of reading

  • To start the conversation and art of communication within groups with powerful tool of books


  • Offer Short Stories submissions of students to be compiled in shorty story book

  • Further publish books of students who wants to explore the opportunity of publishing their work

  • Mentorship through students offering on how to publish and market their books

Exclusive Reading Corner

  • 100 books to be sent to the Institute every two months

  • Books can be selected as per genre as well

  • This will also include New-Arrivals or Bestsellers across Genres to lure students to the Library

Literature Festival

  • Organise a six monthly fest with Literature at the centre stage with Authors 

  • Give a platform to narrate Stories, Poems and much more

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